Allowing in the Goodness: Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to build up our energy and momentum towards feeling GOOD 🙂

You can't get affirmations "wrong"- just write out what feels good for you in this moment.

Here are some of my own affirmations around the topic of allowing in goodness & well-being.


I allow the goodness and well-being of the Universe to flow to me easily. My gates are open for receiving. I'm a receiver. I receive well-being easily.

I have allowed in beautiful friendships, relationships, romantic partnership and clients into my life by simply feeling GOOD.

My energy is powerful, open, and free to create.

I vibrate towards my desires at all times and understand that "that which is like is drawn to itself". That's "how" I draw in and magnetize love, joy, ease, excitement, celebration and dance (by broadcasting it out into the world-simple!).

I allow myself to see and feel into the goodness of life. The natural hum of the Universe, the beat of my heart, and everything that is ALIVE and WELL in the world 🙂

I am an extension of, and one with, the entire cosmos.

I am a clear space and vessel for the Divine to shine through.

I open myself up and create space to allow in even more love.

I see all Beings as Divine expressions of Source Energy...loved, adored, deciding to allow or resist well-being based on their own personal experiences and preferences. I love them all. 🙂

What are some of your favourite affirmations? Let me know in a comment or email!

Much love,

“But I’m Just ONE Person…”


If you are alive, you make an impact.

Whether you're "just" going to your job and to the grocery store, and maybe to a cafe, you impact every single person you cross paths with.

The cashier at the grocery store
the barista
your coworkers
the stranger who smiled at you in the parking lot

Think about the people who've made an impact in your life. Do you think they're even aware of how they've changed your life? How about a quick call, text, or email to let them know how grateful you are for their existence? 🙂

If we started to understand the tremendous value we provide to the world, and that we are all deeply connected, how would that change the way we live our lives?

Maybe you would smile first at that stranger. Maybe that smile would turn around that person's day and uplift their spirit. Maybe we would grab someone's coffee bill....just because!

I remember this one time, I was waiting for my food at a Mexican restaurant, and this woman from across the room gave me the biggest, most profound, juicy, gorgeous, loving, witnessing smile. This was almost a year ago, and I still haven't forgotten it.

The one thing I've learnt from coaching and from being on a path of self-discovery, is that people don't want to be fixed, or "saved", they just want to be deeply witnessed and loved for exactly who they are.

So can you, just for today (and perhaps onwards), perform one small act of kindness for someone else? You're already making an why not make that impact something spectacular, memorable, loving, and wildly, fully, YOU?

You are profound in every way.

Just wow.


Much love,


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Confidence 101


Confidence isn't something we have by saying "okay I need to be confident right now"....
TRUE confidence comes from regularly affirming ourselves and treating ourselves kindly
-from Heart Speak by Cleo Wade

How do you feel about your confidence level? On a scale of 1-10, how confident do you feel in your work? In your relationships? In general?

Our confidence level is based on how we feel about ourselves. What are some of the things you say to yourself on a daily basis? Do you hear yourself saying things like "god, I totally messed up", "I'm not where I want to be", "I'm not doing enough"?

These thoughts we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis stem from the beliefs we have...and we are TOTALLY allowed to change those beliefs at any time.

In fact, our beliefs literally steer the boat of our life. As you may already know, our beliefs create our thoughts, and our thoughts turn into actions, which create our reality.

So how do we shift our beliefs? It's literally as easy as changing our perspective:

Instead of thinking
"I'm not where I want to be"

what if we regularly affirmed:
"I believe that I am protected, guided and loved at all times"
"I trust that I'm always at the right place at the right time"
"I believe that everything that is happening or not happening is setting me up for greatness"
"I believe that the Universe has my back and is bringing to me that which I desire"
"I love myself enough to take baby steps towards my dreams, and I surrender the details to the Universe"

How does that feel? SO much better, right? 🙂

It's as simple as that! The thoughts that feel good, feel good because they are in alignment with our inner being; our soul.

I promise you, with practice and deliberate focus, you can change your beliefs, and it really can be that easy.

Much love,


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What Makes You so Special?


Our uniqueness lies in our story.
Every bird, every tree, every flower, every human has their own individual story.

Herein lies our greatest gift and power: our uniqueness. Our greatest expression is the expression of our true, authentic self.

There is NO competition.

We are all here, coexisting, co-inhabiting this earth, with SO much potential in each of us. It's not about feeling inferior or superior to anyone else: It's about knowing deep within that we are all here for the expression of our own unique story.

Stories are POWERFUL! They're the reason why Netflix is so popular. They're why we watch movies, listen to music, or look at art.

Every creation in the world comes with a story of the artist: whether it's a painting, an Instagram post, a specialty cake, or a screenplay.

Just for today, can you look at every individual you pass as having their own unique, beautiful, story?

And then, look within, and KNOW:
"My story is powerful".

YOU are powerful. 🙂

Much love,

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“Who am I to do that?”

I'm constantly hearing my clients saying things like “who am I to be doing these workshops?”, “who am I to be a practitioner of spiritual services?”, “who am I to be in a relationship with this amazing person??”, “who I am to write a book?”, etc.

I won’t lie, I used to ask myself the same questions.

We hear people making self-deprecating jokes ALL the time- it seems to be the norm in our society. We’ve been told to be “humble”, to be inferior- but also on the other end of the stick- we’ve been told that we are important and valued.

So what is the Truth?

What if we saw each and every one of us as important - no more, no less important than another. What if we lived from the understanding and inner knowing that we are just as profound as our neighbour? Just as profound as our siblings?

What if we went through our day knowing that we ARE significant - but no more or less significant than our employers? Our counsellors? Our teachers? Our children?

In our knowing of being EQUALLY important, comes a natural humility. A natural ease, a natural love. And in this knowing, it’s so clear that self-love is a love for everyone else, too; because we are all connected…we are all One.

How would your day be different if you saw everyone as Divine?

Much love,


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There is a Force


There is a force. It moves the winds, it brings forth creative ideas, it allows birds to harmonize, it starts your car, it pulls you forward. You can see it in the breath of a baby, in the eyes of a stranger, in the lips of a lover. It pulls the ocean towards the moon, and sunflowers towards the sun - and sometimes when I fully feel makes me want to run. To dance. Skip. Jump. Smile. Laugh. Be.

It rustles leaves and makes me shiver, and I watch it flow in the flow of a river. And sometimes I feel like the force doesn't it makes me look within, and asks "why do you resist?"

One thing I know for sure, my dear, is that the Force will never sever. It won't let me settle. It'll ask "will you surrender?"

And when I answer "Yes"- I will flow with the trees, I will flow with the breeze - and IT will flow with ME.

"May the Force be with you" 😉

Much love,

Seeing Your Light

you are so worthy of seeing your own light

Dearest human,


I know there are days we get caught in funks or ruts, and nights that keep us up. I know it feels like sometimes it's all too much. Maybe those childhood dreams were formed from naivety...

Maybe our plans were too far fetched.

Maybe we were built to be sad, bitter, annoyed, anxious,

Maybe we were meant to be ridden with baggage and childhood traumas and people who did us wrong. Maybe we'll just get together with our friends and let our darkness dance as we complain without end.

But MAYBE, perhaps.......possibly........there's a different way.

One day you'll wake up with your coffee in hand, and see the way the sunlight pours in through one tiny little crack in your blinds. The way it dances with the dust, and illuminates just one corner of your kitchen table. One day you'll see that that tiny little fragment of light was there all along. If only you'd opened the blinds. If only you'd seen the magic that has been patiently waiting for you to take hold of it, and send it out to the rest of the world. To the cosmos and beyond.

Fear not, my loves - it's never too late. 🙂 You can tap into this light energy at any time. Just take a deep breath. Feel your heart's energy. Allow it to radiate through your entire body. Feel it swirling, dancing, singing, tingling, maybe it stops to heal one specific area, maybe it floods your entire being.

You ARE this light. And you are SO worthy of seeing it in yourself.


Much love,


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Finding Your Purpose?


Hi lovely 🙂

We all come to this life with a purpose. A reason for existing. I think a lot of us have struggled with finding what that BIG THING is. We've tried to decipher it by taking different career tests, and asking for help from our friends and professionals.

Eckhart Tolle talks about how we have an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Our inner purpose is to grow. Love. Evolve. Our outer purpose is what we're doing outwardly- in any given moment- to express our inner purpose.

Which means, if you're reading this, you are purposeful. If you decide you want to go on a nature walk, that is a PURPOSEFUL action.

I think a lot of us get it backwards, and think "In order to be happy, to grow, to evolve, I must FIND my purpose".

But the truth is: In order to find your purpose, you must grow, evolve, and be happy.

The law of attraction also states that if we FEEL what it FEELS like to acquire something (purpose, in this case), then it will automatically come into our lives, for it is LAW. It is the law of attraction that will bring into your life, that which you are resonating with.

"You wouldn't have the desire if you didn't have the ability to achieve it". -Abraham quotes Emerson in the book "Money & The Law of Attraction".

If there's even an inkling of desire or a spark of an idea - FOLLOW IT. If there is joy, excitement, love - FOLLOW IT. If you think of something that would be FUN to do - FOLLOW IT.

Your purpose will find YOU when you start to follow the good feelings. 🙂 I promise. <3

What's your take on this? Have you "found" your purpose?

Much love,

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