Seeing Your Light

you are so worthy of seeing your own light

Dearest human,


I know there are days we get caught in funks or ruts, and nights that keep us up. I know it feels like sometimes it's all too much. Maybe those childhood dreams were formed from naivety...

Maybe our plans were too far fetched.

Maybe we were built to be sad, bitter, annoyed, anxious,

Maybe we were meant to be ridden with baggage and childhood traumas and people who did us wrong. Maybe we'll just get together with our friends and let our darkness dance as we complain without end.

But MAYBE, perhaps.......possibly........there's a different way.

One day you'll wake up with your coffee in hand, and see the way the sunlight pours in through one tiny little crack in your blinds. The way it dances with the dust, and illuminates just one corner of your kitchen table. One day you'll see that that tiny little fragment of light was there all along. If only you'd opened the blinds. If only you'd seen the magic that has been patiently waiting for you to take hold of it, and send it out to the rest of the world. To the cosmos and beyond.

Fear not, my loves - it's never too late. 🙂 You can tap into this light energy at any time. Just take a deep breath. Feel your heart's energy. Allow it to radiate through your entire body. Feel it swirling, dancing, singing, tingling, maybe it stops to heal one specific area, maybe it floods your entire being.

You ARE this light. And you are SO worthy of seeing it in yourself.


Much love,


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