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I've had the pleasure of being interviewed on online magazines, several podcasts, and have even written articles for some of the top publications. To view my interviews and articles, scroll down!

It was truly an honor to be interviewed on Medium's Authority Magazine. You can read through my interview now on how to get in touch with your intuition and when to trust your intuition when making decisions. I’m over the moon at how the media is opening up to the wisdom of intuition, and that I was able to talk about it in depth on such a widely known publication. I went really in depth in this one, so grab a warm cuppa and have a read through here. I love hearing your thoughts, so make sure you message me on Instagram with your main takeaways! I'd love to connect.

I feel so grateful to have been invited back for a second interview with Medium's Authority Magazine! This one was all about self care and mental wellness. I was interviewed about the top five self-care practices that improve mental wellness. There was so much more that I shared: more about my personal background, my "why", and even the roadblocks that prevent people from making better self-care choices. What a time to be alive! Sharing what I've learned has been so fun. Let me know your thoughts. Read the full interview here.


I'm SO excited to have written for Tiny Buddha! I dove deep into one of my "origin stories" of anxiety that I'd never shared before. It was so healing to write, and I know it'll be hugely helpful for people reading. Get ready for some vulnerability, healing, and a story of transformation. Let me know how this one lands for you, and if you also have a similar origin story of anxiety!

Read the full article here.

For years now, I've been a regular reader of Elephant Journal's articles. It was a pleasure to write one of my own called “How I Shifted my Anxiety by Getting Uncomfortable: The Great Paradox.”

I’d love for this to start an open dialogue about what’s really going on internally for so many of us, and how we can start to SHIFT our stress, anxiety, and inner turmoil. From reading the article, you’ll notice that I’ve had lots of my own experiences with healing, which is why I’m so passionate about it. You can read it here, and get back to me with your thoughts!


What a pleasure to be interviewed by Dexter on Onion Soup - a show that can be watched on AppleTV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more. I was interviewed on my unique methods for cultivating inner peace and emotional resilience. We also discussed spirituality, transformation, and a bit about my own journey!

You can stream the whole episode now on e360tv. I'm on S1E17.

What a wonderful and POWERFUL conversation Hope Pedraza and I had on her podcast Hopeful and Wholesome. We chatted all things stress, burnout, anxiety, and getting to a baseline of PEACE and PURPOSE. You don't want to miss this one. Have a listen and DM me on what resonated for you!

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify



I was interviewed on Gina's awesome podcast Shine Within episode 92! Dive into our conversation about overcoming anxiety, understanding our inner child, and the transformative power of intuitive coaching. Learn how to create a baseline of peace and reprogram your subconscious for a fulfilling life. Listen now on Apple Podcasts.


Destinee had me on her podcast Boldly You! Dive into our conversation about the impact of intuition on life decisions, anxiety and personal development. Tune in to gain insights on how to replace overwhelming anxiety feelings with intuitive knowledge, spiritual awareness and BOLDNESS. Listen now to our episode called Intuitively Facing Anxiety.

Wow. What a powerful conversation with Maximilian and Ariane on their podcast Wholebeing. We chatted all about my personal story to becoming an Intuitive Coach, surrender, breaking down to have a breakthrough, rock bottoms, shadow work and coming into Wholeness. This was a truly delightful conversation to have. Listen to the whole episode on Spotify now.

Dr. Dan had me on his podcast "Happiness Journey with Dr. Dan". We had a casual conversation about healing, transformation, emotions, goals, fear of failure, coaching, and we even touched on quantum physics and the perfection of the earth we live on! But really - think about it. If the sun were just a bit closer to the earth, we wouldn't be here. The perfection is impressive and very very divine. Listen to the full episode now.

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This was a FUN and deep podcast episode with hosts Micah & Crystal. We talked intuition, emotions, and overall had a blast chatting all things healing. This one is sure to leave you with laughs and a-ha moments. Have a listen and DM me on what resonated for you!

Listen now.