Finding Your Purpose?


Hi lovely 🙂

We all come to this life with a purpose. A reason for existing. I think a lot of us have struggled with finding what that BIG THING is. We've tried to decipher it by taking different career tests, and asking for help from our friends and professionals.

Eckhart Tolle talks about how we have an inner purpose and an outer purpose. Our inner purpose is to grow. Love. Evolve. Our outer purpose is what we're doing outwardly- in any given moment- to express our inner purpose.

Which means, if you're reading this, you are purposeful. If you decide you want to go on a nature walk, that is a PURPOSEFUL action.

I think a lot of us get it backwards, and think "In order to be happy, to grow, to evolve, I must FIND my purpose".

But the truth is: In order to find your purpose, you must grow, evolve, and be happy.

The law of attraction also states that if we FEEL what it FEELS like to acquire something (purpose, in this case), then it will automatically come into our lives, for it is LAW. It is the law of attraction that will bring into your life, that which you are resonating with.

"You wouldn't have the desire if you didn't have the ability to achieve it". -Abraham quotes Emerson in the book "Money & The Law of Attraction".

If there's even an inkling of desire or a spark of an idea - FOLLOW IT. If there is joy, excitement, love - FOLLOW IT. If you think of something that would be FUN to do - FOLLOW IT.

Your purpose will find YOU when you start to follow the good feelings. 🙂 I promise. <3

What's your take on this? Have you "found" your purpose?

Much love,

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