There is a Force


There is a force. It moves the winds, it brings forth creative ideas, it allows birds to harmonize, it starts your car, it pulls you forward. You can see it in the breath of a baby, in the eyes of a stranger, in the lips of a lover. It pulls the ocean towards the moon, and sunflowers towards the sun - and sometimes when I fully feel makes me want to run. To dance. Skip. Jump. Smile. Laugh. Be.

It rustles leaves and makes me shiver, and I watch it flow in the flow of a river. And sometimes I feel like the force doesn't it makes me look within, and asks "why do you resist?"

One thing I know for sure, my dear, is that the Force will never sever. It won't let me settle. It'll ask "will you surrender?"

And when I answer "Yes"- I will flow with the trees, I will flow with the breeze - and IT will flow with ME.

"May the Force be with you" 😉

Much love,