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My Story

I got into this work because it changed my life.

Ever since I can remember, I struggled with social anxiety and the inability to express myself. Feeling suppressed my whole life, I knew that there was a disconnect between my mind & soul. My anxiety started getting worse - eventually turning into panic attacks. I had no energy left at the end of the work day to socialize, or find joy in the things I used to love doing. I even started experiencing odd health issues that I had never dealt with before, and I knew that something needed to change on a deep level.

Through some divinely timed opportunity, I met an Intuitive Coach who helped me connect the dots of who I was and what I deeply wanted. She helped me see where my lifelong anxiety was coming from by intuitively feeling the subconscious energy patterns I was playing out from a young age.

After our first call, I received SO much clarity about myself and my life path that I quit my job and went full-on entrepreneurship mode.

Through Mind Body Spirit Intuitive Coaching, I found who I am, in a world that tried to mold me into someone I never was.

I eventually joined a 12 month Intuitive Coach Training with that same coach so I could learn more about myself, and essentially coach myself. By the end of the program, I was a totally, deeply, profoundly different version of myself. I showed up from a place of empowered authenticity in my relationships, knew who I was and what I wanted, and felt myself trusting my intuition more and more. Above all, my social anxiety started to ease - for the first time ever.

I finally found the courage to start expressing who I really am, and the people who showed up in my life were more aligned with me. I did some practice coaching calls with clients and saw them start to transform, too.

"Could it be...that I could do this for work? And impact people in an uplifting way??"


Throughout my years of coaching work, I've had the privilege of working with clients and watching them shift their deepest patterns, so they can also live a life of inner freedom and joy. Just like my first coach did for me.

I am deeply grateful for this work. And for the teachers & coaches who taught me and showed me another way. Without it, I'm not sure how long I could've gone on.

And I am deeply passionate about it. I'm SO incredibly stoked and honoured to be able to share this work with so many, and be a witness to transformation every day.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it inspired you in some way.

If I can transform, you can too.

Coaching with Raman

Raman Hari is a Certified Mind Body Spirit Intuitive Coach. She works with clients to help facilitate their personal development journey through one on one coaching sessions and workshops.

Topics that come up the most are relationships, emotional well-being, career/purpose, conscious business creation, spiritual development and self-love.

What does this mean for a client?

  • Working with their emotional roadblocks, conscious/subconscious energy and thought patterns, while incorporating foundational spiritual teachings to support and assist their journey. 
  • Each and every session & workshop is entirely unique, depending on the client(s). This is where Raman uses her intuitive and empathic abilities to further assist the client in understanding their own emotions, story, and really just getting to know themselves.

Raman truly believes that everyone is capable of healing themselves and living their absolute best life - and that once you learn “how”, you’ll have the tools forever. Coaching is great for learning about YOU, checking in on where you’re at (because we often forget to!), holding you accountable for your own happiness, and having regular support and connection with someone who gets you.

Beyond the layers of emotions & thoughts & who we “think” we are, lies a beautiful, divine, strong, capable, kind, at ease, open-hearted spirit. Touching this part of ourselves, and feeling into the essence of existence…is just the start of a life that is balanced in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Next Steps...

Are you interested in receiving 1:1 coaching sessions with Raman? Introductory Discovery Sessions are now available.