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my story

I know firsthand what it's like to live in discomfort and un-ease. Struggling with anxiety for most of my life, and then exhausting myself in an unfulfilling career sent me into having panic attacks, depression and even worse anxiety. Not being able to understand myself was the most difficult and confusing time of my life.

I started working with an Intuitive Coach, and for the first time in my life, I started to connect the dots of who I was. I then began an extensive coaching program to deal with my "stuff", but 6 months into the course, I had this knowing that I was meant to share this work. As I blossomed and really got to discover my true essence, I fell deeply in love with my "new life". A life full of beautiful relationships, well-being, fulfillment, connection and intuition. Through this work, I have found who I am, in a world that tried to mold me into someone I never was.

I look forward to supporting and guiding you in who YOU want to be in the world, because I have a feeling you're going to be a huge service to humanity.

Coaching with Raman

Raman Hari is a Certified Mind Body Spirit Intuitive Coach. She works with clients to help facilitate their personal development journey through one on one coaching sessions and workshops.

Topics that come up the most are relationships, anxiety & mental health, career/purpose, conscious business creation and self-love.

What does this mean for a client?

  • Working with their emotional roadblocks, conscious/subconscious energy and thought patterns, while incorporating foundational spiritual teachings to support and assist their journey. 
  • Each and every session & workshop is entirely unique, depending on the client(s). This is where Raman uses her intuitive and empathic abilities to further assist the client in understanding their own emotions, story, and really just getting to know themselves.

Raman truly believes that everyone is capable of healing themselves and living their absolute best life - and that once you learn “how”, you’ll have the tools forever. Coaching is great for learning about YOU, checking in on where you’re at (because we often forget to!), holding you accountable for your own happiness, and having regular support and connection with someone who gets you.

Beyond the layers of emotions & thoughts & who we “think” we are, lies a beautiful, divine, strong, capable, kind, at ease, open-hearted spirit. Touching this part of ourselves, and feeling into the essence of existence…is just the start of a life that is balanced in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Next Steps...

Are you interested in receiving 1:1 coaching sessions with Raman? Introductory Discovery Sessions are now available.