Hi, I'm Raman

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"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby."

-Ruth E. Renkel



I see you, doing everything you thought you were “supposed” to be doing, but still feeling a baseline of anxiety and overthinking

I see you pretending like everything is okay, when you actually feel burnt out, and often ask “is this what life was supposed to be?”

I see that you’ve always been a driven person, but lately it seems like you’ve lost your spark

I see you hiding out, keeping your dreams to yourself, even though you intuitively know you’re meant for more



This does not have to be your path.

You don’t have to struggle with the anxiety that stops you from showing up present and inspired about life. But I completely understand. I was there just 6 years ago.

You want to live with a baseline of peace and purpose, but you have zero clue where to start or how to shift your life in this way

You want to EMBODY your full potential and stand in your heart-aligned power, but that life seems far away.

Hey there, I’m Raman

I guide people to heal from anxiety and overthinking so that they can create a baseline of peace and space to step into their purpose.

My purpose here is to help you EMBODY and LIVE your peace and purpose.

I’m a Certified Intuitive Coach and it’s my mission to help people stop holding themselves back from their purpose & potential, so they can experience the JOY of being fully present, and doing what they love and being of service in the world. I help people who are ready to bring their most 100% energy to life…

Simply put, you were MADE to feel good.

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I was always the person who played it safe in life. I went to the university all of my friends went to and eventually ended up in a 9-5 job in the dental field. It was odd - everyone thought I was happy - but deep down, only I knew something was off.

I would have the Sunday scaries - being afraid to even START the workweek, I would numb out the pain of living a life I didn’t want to live, and I would try to "just be grateful and positive" because my life did look good from the outside. So why was I completely miserable?

It turns out that most of my depression and anxiety was coming from living a life that wasn’t really mine. It was a gnawing, deep feeling. There was a gap between what my soul really wanted and what my life turned into. I had followed the dull logic of the crowd, rather than the all-knowing soul within me.

I knew something had to change.


I knew I had a BIG amount of energy and passion in me, and I knew I wanted to do something creative and be my own boss. But at the time, I had no idea what that was.

Through a series of perfectly timed events, I ended up in the seat of an Intuitive Coach who was also a family doctor. She was the first person who helped me see into the past experiences that shaped who I was. The way I never really did what I wanted - I was so used to following the crowd and letting my fear win.

I didn’t have my own ground to stand on. Even though I knew who I was, I couldn’t own it.

I had spent countless hours reading self development books, which changed my awareness. Knowing yourself is one thing. Embodying yourself is another thing.

Knowing about your potential and power and purpose is only the first step. 

The rest required a lot of coaching, because to embody who I knew myself to be, I had to release all of the “stuff” I had taken on. The beliefs, narratives, traumas, and all of the experiences trapped in my body needed to be liberated first. The coaching experience is what started healing my anxiety from the root cause.

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So when the rest of my friends were continuing on their career paths and schooling, I quit my 9-5 job and went down the path of self discovery and spiritual embodiment. I took a year long Intuitive Coach training and certification so I could embody myself more and uncover my purpose. At the end of the training, I knew it was a part of my purpose to help others with the deeper healing work.

I believe that embodying our truest self is the most important work we can do. This work helped me release a lifetime of social anxiety and the inability to express myself. This work helped me stop worrying so much all the time and start to trust in life more. This work helped me see that the only gap that existed was the gap between the truest me and the societally-constructed me. 

From there, I continued my mission to help clients heal their own past experiences and anxieties so they could embody their most peaceful and purposeful selves. I reached over a million people with my messages on my collective social media platforms. I felt deeply fulfilled to be of service, and to do what I love.

After a few years of having my coaching practice, people started reaching out for help regarding their own purpose. It seemed like I had attracted clients who were inspired by me living my own purpose. So that brings us to now!

By facing myself and my own blocks, and doing the inner work, I found a BIG part of my purpose and haven't looked back.


All these years later, I still wake up excited to serve my clients. I am grateful to do what I do, I am passionate about being of service, and I have joy in my heart regarding my work. I know that this is a part of my purpose in the world and I am still in AWE when I see my clients shift the deeper blocks that keep them stuck. Seeing someone liberate themselves, and feel at PEACE is something I will NEVER get over!!!

And you deserve to feel the same PEACE, PURPOSE and JOY that lives within you. With the right guidance, tools and liberation from your inner blocks, you are also completely CAPABLE of LIVING your most purposeful life. Why? 

Because you were MADE FOR IT. 

And it was made for YOU.

And you’re meant to serve the world with your 100% energy.

"There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It's why you were born. And how you become most truly alive."

-Oprah Winfrey


-I’m Canadian, from Vancouver Island

-some of my favourite things to do outside of coaching are writing poetry, heading to the beach  or park for some nature time, spending quality time with friends, singing, writing & listening to music, playing guitar & keyboard, and reading fiction & non-fiction

-I’ve always LOVED moving my body through different workout classes like dance or yoga or pole. I had a LOT of energy as a kid so I’ve always done something active (I grew up playing soccer for 6 years!)

-the best meal I ever had was in Bologna, Italy

-I’m a HUGE nerd for spirituality and the presence of something bigger than us. I spend lots of time connecting to the energy that connects us all - whether it’s through meditation, yoga, or simply existing in the moment, my spiritual connection is foundational for me

-though I make myself quite known on social media, and enjoy quality social time, I’m actually a huge introvert and spend lots of time alone too!

-I tried many things before I landed on coaching - at different points in my life I thought I was going to be a dental hygienist, a singer, a poet, a YouTuber, a product-based business owner and even a pilot

-I am always growing, learning, and aware of the fact that my purpose isn’t just about my main job. It’s more than that. I have more dreams that I’m committed to fulfilling, and I think our various interests are what make life so exciting!


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