Confidence 101


Confidence isn't something we have by saying "okay I need to be confident right now"....
TRUE confidence comes from regularly affirming ourselves and treating ourselves kindly
-from Heart Speak by Cleo Wade

How do you feel about your confidence level? On a scale of 1-10, how confident do you feel in your work? In your relationships? In general?

Our confidence level is based on how we feel about ourselves. What are some of the things you say to yourself on a daily basis? Do you hear yourself saying things like "god, I totally messed up", "I'm not where I want to be", "I'm not doing enough"?

These thoughts we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis stem from the beliefs we have...and we are TOTALLY allowed to change those beliefs at any time.

In fact, our beliefs literally steer the boat of our life. As you may already know, our beliefs create our thoughts, and our thoughts turn into actions, which create our reality.

So how do we shift our beliefs? It's literally as easy as changing our perspective:

Instead of thinking
"I'm not where I want to be"

what if we regularly affirmed:
"I believe that I am protected, guided and loved at all times"
"I trust that I'm always at the right place at the right time"
"I believe that everything that is happening or not happening is setting me up for greatness"
"I believe that the Universe has my back and is bringing to me that which I desire"
"I love myself enough to take baby steps towards my dreams, and I surrender the details to the Universe"

How does that feel? SO much better, right? 🙂

It's as simple as that! The thoughts that feel good, feel good because they are in alignment with our inner being; our soul.

I promise you, with practice and deliberate focus, you can change your beliefs, and it really can be that easy.

Much love,


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