Becoming Conscious of our Subconscious & A Step by Step Process to ACTUALLY Shift Our Beliefs

Hello beautiful souls,

It's so great to share this time & space with you today 🙂

And a warm welcome to anyone new who has shown up recently - it's so awesome to have you here!

So take a moment, a breath, and let's dive into a big topic - that has the potential to shift everything for you - if you so choose.


Let's talk about the thing that runs 95% of our reality...

The Subconscious Mind.

I like to see the subconscious as an energy field full of information, memories, past experiences, and beliefs we hold, individually. I also believe that the world has a "collective" subconscious mind- the things we collectively believe in, events we've all gone through (or grown through), and memories of war/famine/etc.

But today, let's focus on the individual subconscious mind.

Again, 95% of our life is run by our subconscious mind.

From the ages of 0 to 7, we are in a theta brain wave state - which is almost like being in a HYPNOSIS state (where your brain waves slow down into theta waves).

We literally absorb ALL the information and interactions that are going on around us like a SPONGE! How our parents acted, what your teachers said to you, how other kids treated you, what you consumed on TV/radio/etc. And this is how our subconscious mind is formed.

And remember... 95% of this controls our adult life...think about that for a second. The hypnotized state of our 0-7 year old brain RUNS our adult life- until we become conscious of the subconscious.

As humans, this is our greatest ability- to become CONSCIOUS of our subconscious. This is where we can create SO many HUGE shifts. I was personally able to stop having regular panic attacks (like for real), and feeling powerless by understanding where it all came from. And for me, it was crucial to have my coach take me through the process, because it's very difficult to see our "deepest" subconscious patterns (because we feel like we just ARE that) - but a coach can see it clearly.

JUST the awareness is enough to create massive shifts.

So let's do it!! Are you ready to transform a part of your life? :O

I want you to choose one thing in your life that has been a bit of a struggle. Maybe it's a specific issue in your relationship or maybe you're super stressed out at work. Let's just use the work example...why not!

So you're super stressed at work. Here are some things you might be thinking:
"Work is super stressful right now. I feel like I'm on overdrive. I'm feeling restless at night. I can't stop thinking about my clients or the business deals I'm bringing in. My boss has been stressed out which makes me feel even more stressed."

Let's do a BELIEF breakdown around this area of your life: your career.

Tell me, what are some of your BELIEFS around career? What did you grow up SEEING around you? What did your parents think about work?

Perhaps your parents always said "Work is hard, but someone's gotta do it"
"You gotta put in your blood sweat and tears to get what you want"
"Money doesn't come easy. You gotta work hard for it"
"Working overtime is a good thing. Always say yes if your employer needs you to work more hours. Grind grind grind & hustle!!!!!!!".
or maybe you saw someone have the experience of:
"My boss was always mean to me and didn't give me my tip money, but I realized if I was super sweet and worked more than I had to, I would get recognition and he would give me my tip money".

Think about this for a second. These core beliefs will run your entire life- unless you become conscious of them 🙂

And this is what we're doing right now! woohoo!

SO, after observing this, how does it feel?
Are you open to seeing a different way?
Are you open to the idea of feeling better about work?
OR do you want to continue in your worn out ways?

It's ultimately up to you, and there's no wrong answer!

If you're ready for another are some new beliefs you might resonate with. Take what resonates with you. Be honest about it. If it doesn't resonate, you don't have to "force" yourself to believe it. Because the truth can't force it. You can't fake it til you make it, because your energy doesn't lie. *your subconscious doesn't lie*.

So start with what resonates, okay? 🙂

Some potential NEW beliefs:

-I'm allowed to breathe a little bit more when I work
-My work makes a difference in the world
-I love showing up to work with ease & joy in my heart
-I'm grateful to be able to work in the field I work in
-This job is allowing me to fuel my purpose in this world
-This work is allowing me to create wealth and fuel my entrepreneurship
-Work is busy right now, but I choose to show up in a space of ease and trusting the process
-It's okay if I get stressed from time to time, and I appreciate my willingness to care and show up
-I know this work isn't my "forever" work, but I appreciate the opportunities it's brought me
-I feel, sense, and know that this work was brought to me for a reason
-My boss is actually so great, and I love working with them
-My boss can be a pain in the butt, but I'm learning about my own insecurities through this experience and it's actually challenging who I am and who I want to be for the first time in my life
-I know that I impact the energy around me, and when I show up from a place of ease, everything shifts
-I know that it's not all up to me, and that I can ask people & even the universe for assistance and guidance
-I love getting to know my clients, coworkers, and people I chat with daily. It's so fulfilling and curious to hear about these people's stories and lives. How cool.

How does that feel? these teeny tiny shifts can create an opening in our chest, our heart, our mind. And internal shifts impact our external world.

Imagine...if every single person made one teeny tiny shift?

Ahh. Big Exhales. And smiles all around. 🙂

That's how powerful we are.
And that's how powerful YOU are, my friend.

This is the work of bringing our subconscious to the conscious mind and consciously shifting it. So wild right?? And so possible and so simple. And SO exciting!

And I LOVE this work!!!!!!!!!!! Lol.
My favourite thing in the whole world is watching someone shift. A "Holy shift" moment is what I call it! 😉

I do also want to stress that every single person has their own UNIQUE subconscious mind, based on their individual experiences. And sometimes we get into really deep work 1:1 that truly can't be done by following a formula. Sometimes, people will ask "how to shift" their energy on social media and it's not a black and white answer, because everyone is in their own season based on their past experiences, beliefs and current commitments to their growth.

So always always always tune into what works for YOU in this moment! And you can use this process for literally anything going on in your life, which is why I love it so much 🙂

Let me know if any of this landed for you. And if you liked this long-form style of blog post, where we really dive deep and break things down!

As always, feel free to respond with any A-Ha moments you had.

And we will chat soon my friend. 🙂

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Much love,


Self Love

Firstly, happy happy new year!! I hope you're feeling into the newness and freshness of 2022. This year feels a lot lighter already, and the energy of it just feels...different. Can anyone else relate?

Today I wanted to talk about self love. This thing that everyone seems to be talking about.

I find that everyone defines self love in their own way, and the definition can even change throughout our lives.

Here are some of my definitions:

Self love is wanting well-being for ourselves.
Self love is trusting ourselves & our intuition.
Self love is taking action on living our best lives.
Self love is accepting and embracing all parts of us.
Self love is trusting the spirit within me that is always loving.

Last night, I was listening to the podcast We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle & her team, featuring Ashley Ford. They were talking about how self love is doing those things for ourselves that we'd want our LOVED ones to do for THEIR selves.

For example, I have a friend who has a BOOK inside of her!!! (Yes, she will probably read this haha) - and what I would want for her is to WRITE. THAT. BOOK!

There are people in my life who I would LOVE for to visit the doctor for that thing that's been bothering them.

And there's a woman in my life who knows she needs to have a hard conversation with her partner.

And I know many, many people who don't celebrate themselves enough!

You know all those things you want for your loved ones? Self love is doing the things your loved ones would want for YOU.

As humans, we sometimes tell people what to do as a projection of what WE deeply want to do for ourselves. Self love is taking. That. Action. For ourselves! And instead of projecting our desires onto everyone around us, or complaining about the things that aren't happening, we can be an inspiring force of movement and joy and purpose!

As Lizzo says,
"If I'm shining, everybody gonna shine!!!"

When we love ourselves enough to do those things for our highest and greatest good, it impacts everyone around us.

So what are you going to do for self love today?

Much love,


"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" -Oscar Wilde

The Importance of Getting Grounded


Balance is something a LOT of people are looking for nowadays. I know this is something I personally struggled with for most of my adult life.


It seemed that anytime I got a burst of ENERGY, I wanted to USE IT immediately! I would channel it into creating content, learning how to do MORE (learning instruments, baking cakes, all of that), but then I would get burnt out very quickly. I would feel so incredibly restless- I had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited about all of this energy and new ideas- and I shrugged it off as a good thing that was happening.

I tried SO hard to grip onto the momentum I gained from having energy- and then soon enough- lose all of that energy, just to be right back at square 1, where I was tired and not wanting to do anything.

Can you relate to this rollercoaster of NOT being balanced? I hope I'm not the only one haha.


What I've learnt over the years is that it is absolutely IMPERATIVE for us to get grounded. So that we can continue to move forward towards our vision, but not get burnt out.

I love to use affirmations to ground myself (I have a free Grounded & Uplifted Affirmations track that you can check out), and deep breathing. Honestly, just the AWARENESS is enough for us to remember to breathe deeply and reaffirm that we are GROUNDED in our power.

Other great ways to ground ourselves are:

-getting out into nature, surrounded by trees and fresh air

-standing with our bare feet in the grass, soil, sand

-connecting to natural elements - like crystals, rocks, branches, leaves

-even if you can't get out into nature - affirmations, visualizations and grounding meditations are greatly impactful.

Running off of adrenaline and frenetic energy is one way to do it- but in my experience, it only leads to burnout. Let us move forward in a way that is centred and rooted, so that our energy never runs out. TRUST that the energy needed for your visions to come to life will always find you, and SUPPORT your body in this lifestyle.

How do you ground yourself?

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Is Fear Stopping You?


Fear is something that can make us feel stuck in one place- but it doesn't have to keep us there forever. One of my favourite teachers always said,

"feel the fear and do it anyway".

We just CAN'T let it stop us. That book you want to write? There are people out here WAITING to hear your voice and see from your perspective. As humans, we LOVE perspective- that's why we watch so many different movies and plays and listen to music and scroll social media.

If the directors of my favourite movies decided to let fear win, I would've never had the PRIVILEGE of seeing a different way. I always think about this after watching a good movie. "Thank you SO much director, screenplay writer, actors, for taking the steps to make this happen".

People will thank you. Seriously.

So PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD do the thing that keeps nagging you. Unless you have wildly evil intentions (which I know you don't!!!), you can't mess it up. The experience of life is what we're all here for. The ups, the downs, the fears, the wins. All of it.

And "one day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Please. Please. Please. Do the thing. You will never regret trying. 🙂

Big love,

How to Create New Neural Pathways in Our Brain

Ok this is a deep one...

Our brain is constantly firing neural pathways that it's been conditioned to follow. This programming is based on our upbringing, society, ancestry, family, etc. We can either agree or disagree with what our brain is "firing" off- the ONLY thing that matters is this question:

What part of you is agreeing or disagreeing with your brain?

Is it the part of you that is a beautiful spirit and knows it's worth?
or is it the part of you that is attached to your identity (which IS that programmed mind)?

WHO is making these decisions? Who is steering your boat?

Is it the part of you that knows it's value?
or the part of you that feels like it is not enough (ie. societal programming)?

There's nothing "wrong" with either part of just is. The more we can decipher and get in tune the beautiful, worthy, shining spirit within us, the more we are able to steer our boat from that place.

The place of ease, joy, love, fulfillment, bliss, worthiness, and YES!!

Becoming conscious of our consciousness is a deep, beautiful practice. In this awareness, we can actually create NEW neural pathways in our brain that support the life and inner world we wish to create.

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

BIG Love,

It’s Just a Thought Away…

The life that you desire is just a THOUGHT away.

The only thing that stops us from feeling good, and from taking action from this place of feeling good, is our thoughts (which create our feelings).

Sometimes, we think that our thoughts are pointed in the direction of our desires, when they might actually be pointing in the direction of a LACK of our desires. The only thing we have to "do" is be aware of these thoughts, and find a thought that feels a little bit better (and therefore, a feeling that will feel better).

For example, you may be thinking:
"I wish I had enough money to pursue my passion"
--> can you FEEL the resistance here? This feeling-place is actually one of lack. There's nothing wrong or bad about it, but it's important to just notice it!

What if, instead, we reached for thoughts that felt a little bit better?
"I can feel my passion coming to life"
"I know that I'm energetically moving towards my desire"
"There may be some fear, but I know that my desire is a strong one, and I listen as the Universe guides me in that direction"

Can you FEEL how different the first statement feels compared to the rest?
When we are energetically aligning to our desire (rather than a lack of that desire), we're allowing it into our reality.

It ALL starts with a thought. So what is a thought that you're having, and what are you shifting it to? Email me back and I'll see if I can add some good-feeling thoughts to yours 🙂

It's just a thought away!

Happy Wednesday!!

Much love,

Trying a little too hard?

Sometimes we feel the need to control the outcome of events in our lives, as well as other people's experiences.

A really common pattern that we have as humans is control.

Control is one of those patterns that takes some time to break. Control over our health, control over our relationships and family, control over our careers.

You can probably think of one thing in your life right NOW that you're trying to control. What is that one thing? And what is the "payoff" that you're getting by trying to control it?

I believe that our spirit creates our reality. That our internal world creates everything out "there". Everything out there is a reflection of everything in here.

And when we're spending our energy on controlling situations, we are creating a tightness in our chest. We're creating a pit in our stomach. We're creating a CONDITIONAL existence. A life that is only "okay" if things turn out exactly how we want them to.

But what if our energy is what creates our reality?
What if our simple awareness of life "out there", life "in here", and how that relates, SHOWS us "how" our reality is truly created?

Have you ever noticed that maybe when you felt super miserable, you ended up dating someone who also felt super miserable? Or that when you felt super free, loving, and flow-y, that you ended up getting an amazing boss??

What is something that you're trying SO hard to control out there? And are you willing to soften, and to allow your spirit to guide you?

It really CAN be that simple.
And it really CAN be that fun! 🙂

Much love,


Did you forget who you REALLY are?

If you are feeling anything other than ease, joy, and love, it's for one reason:
You've forgotten who you really are.

The same force that allows flowers to bloom, is the force that created YOU...the REALITY of you.

The cells in our body work efficiently, with ease, and are "working" intelligently. They don't have to "figure out" what to do next...they just know.

Who you are is that force, individualized. You are an individual expression of the universe.

"Inside us is a god or goddess in embryo that wants to be born so that we can express our divinity" -Deepak Chopra

Can you move through this week with the knowing that you are created from the same source as beautiful florals? The same source as your favourite food? Your favourite scent? The same source as your favourite person?

And can you allow yourself the gift of nurturing the "god/goddess" in you?

Much love,


The Dance…

You forgot. And that's okay.

Welcome back to the tenderness of the feeling place.

Sometimes you'll completely forget to honour yourself, and to take care of yourself. That's okay. Sometimes you'll say things you don't really mean. That's okay. Sometimes you'll feel drained and continue to try to please people. That's okay. It's all a part of the dance.

The dance that moves from Forgetting who we really are to Remembering who we really are... the dance from the "everyone else" place to the "wow, me" place. The dance from prickly emotions to surrender. The dance that we forget to dance. It's okay.

This is a natural part of life. The ups, the downs, the sideways, the "omg, I was SO perfectly happy yesterday, what happened???"

It's ALL okay. It's the dance of life. And I'll continue to dance, for as long as I can...back to remembering who I am, over and over and over again.

THAT is the work, my friends.

Let's dance 🙂

Much love,


The Struggle vs. Inspiration


We live in a world where we're constantly "doing", rather than "be-ing". We're constantly struggling to get to where we want to be, and "hustling" to reach our goals.

We tend to run around doing things alllll day. As soon as we wake up, we ask "what should I do today"?

The world "should" can be a sneaky one. "Should" implies that it's something we MUST do.'s definition of "should" is
A verb.
"used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions."

If you closely look at the word should, it comes from a place of duty, or being dutiful. We often judge ourselves if we don't do what we feel like we "should".

But what if we started living life from a place of just Being?
What if we woke up and asked ourselves,
"what would love inspire me to do today?"

Inspired action feels a lot better than "I should".

In fact, the word "inspiration" comes from "in-spirit".
When we're inspired, it comes from our spirit; our soul. It is our divinely purposed soul's calling.

What are you trying to push, to force, to control, to struggle with?
And on the other hand, what's pulling you in?

Follow what draws you in, what pulls you in. And allow life to lead you into the direction of your inspiration, your passion; the ZEST of life!

So tell me, what would love inspire you to do today? I'd love to hear.

Much love,