What Makes You so Special?


Our uniqueness lies in our story.
Every bird, every tree, every flower, every human has their own individual story.

Herein lies our greatest gift and power: our uniqueness. Our greatest expression is the expression of our true, authentic self.

There is NO competition.

We are all here, coexisting, co-inhabiting this earth, with SO much potential in each of us. It's not about feeling inferior or superior to anyone else: It's about knowing deep within that we are all here for the expression of our own unique story.

Stories are POWERFUL! They're the reason why Netflix is so popular. They're why we watch movies, listen to music, or look at art.

Every creation in the world comes with a story of the artist: whether it's a painting, an Instagram post, a specialty cake, or a screenplay.

Just for today, can you look at every individual you pass as having their own unique, beautiful, story?

And then, look within, and KNOW:
"My story is powerful".

YOU are powerful. 🙂

Much love,

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