“Who am I to do that?”

I'm constantly hearing my clients saying things like “who am I to be doing these workshops?”, “who am I to be a practitioner of spiritual services?”, “who am I to be in a relationship with this amazing person??”, “who I am to write a book?”, etc.

I won’t lie, I used to ask myself the same questions.

We hear people making self-deprecating jokes ALL the time- it seems to be the norm in our society. We’ve been told to be “humble”, to be inferior- but also on the other end of the stick- we’ve been told that we are important and valued.

So what is the Truth?

What if we saw each and every one of us as important - no more, no less important than another. What if we lived from the understanding and inner knowing that we are just as profound as our neighbour? Just as profound as our siblings?

What if we went through our day knowing that we ARE significant - but no more or less significant than our employers? Our counsellors? Our teachers? Our children?

In our knowing of being EQUALLY important, comes a natural humility. A natural ease, a natural love. And in this knowing, it’s so clear that self-love is a love for everyone else, too; because we are all connected…we are all One.

How would your day be different if you saw everyone as Divine?

Much love,


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