“But I’m Just ONE Person…”


If you are alive, you make an impact.

Whether you're "just" going to your job and to the grocery store, and maybe to a cafe, you impact every single person you cross paths with.

The cashier at the grocery store
the barista
your coworkers
the stranger who smiled at you in the parking lot

Think about the people who've made an impact in your life. Do you think they're even aware¬†of how they've changed your life? How about a quick call, text, or email to let them know how grateful you are for their existence? ūüôā

If we started to understand the tremendous value we provide to the world, and that we are all deeply connected, how would that change the way we live our lives?

Maybe you would smile first at that stranger. Maybe that smile would turn around that person's day and uplift their spirit. Maybe we would grab someone's coffee bill....just because!

I remember this one time, I was waiting for my food at a Mexican restaurant, and this woman from across the room gave me the biggest, most profound, juicy, gorgeous, loving, witnessing smile. This was almost a year ago, and I still haven't forgotten it.

The one thing I've learnt from coaching and from being on a path of self-discovery, is that people don't want to be fixed, or "saved", they just want to be deeply witnessed and loved for exactly who they are.

So can you, just for today (and perhaps onwards), perform one small act of kindness for someone else? You're already making an impact...so why not make that impact something spectacular, memorable, loving, and wildly, fully, YOU?

You are profound in every way.

Just wow.


Much love,


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