Is Fear Stopping You?


Fear is something that can make us feel stuck in one place- but it doesn't have to keep us there forever. One of my favourite teachers always said,

"feel the fear and do it anyway".

We just CAN'T let it stop us. That book you want to write? There are people out here WAITING to hear your voice and see from your perspective. As humans, we LOVE perspective- that's why we watch so many different movies and plays and listen to music and scroll social media.

If the directors of my favourite movies decided to let fear win, I would've never had the PRIVILEGE of seeing a different way. I always think about this after watching a good movie. "Thank you SO much director, screenplay writer, actors, for taking the steps to make this happen".

People will thank you. Seriously.

So PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD do the thing that keeps nagging you. Unless you have wildly evil intentions (which I know you don't!!!), you can't mess it up. The experience of life is what we're all here for. The ups, the downs, the fears, the wins. All of it.

And "one day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Please. Please. Please. Do the thing. You will never regret trying. 🙂

Big love,