How to Create New Neural Pathways in Our Brain

Ok this is a deep one...

Our brain is constantly firing neural pathways that it's been conditioned to follow. This programming is based on our upbringing, society, ancestry, family, etc. We can either agree or disagree with what our brain is "firing" off- the ONLY thing that matters is this question:

What part of you is agreeing or disagreeing with your brain?

Is it the part of you that is a beautiful spirit and knows it's worth?
or is it the part of you that is attached to your identity (which IS that programmed mind)?

WHO is making these decisions? Who is steering your boat?

Is it the part of you that knows it's value?
or the part of you that feels like it is not enough (ie. societal programming)?

There's nothing "wrong" with either part of just is. The more we can decipher and get in tune the beautiful, worthy, shining spirit within us, the more we are able to steer our boat from that place.

The place of ease, joy, love, fulfillment, bliss, worthiness, and YES!!

Becoming conscious of our consciousness is a deep, beautiful practice. In this awareness, we can actually create NEW neural pathways in our brain that support the life and inner world we wish to create.

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

BIG Love,