It’s Just a Thought Away…

The life that you desire is just a THOUGHT away.

The only thing that stops us from feeling good, and from taking action from this place of feeling good, is our thoughts (which create our feelings).

Sometimes, we think that our thoughts are pointed in the direction of our desires, when they might actually be pointing in the direction of a LACK of our desires. The only thing we have to "do" is be aware of these thoughts, and find a thought that feels a little bit better (and therefore, a feeling that will feel better).

For example, you may be thinking:
"I wish I had enough money to pursue my passion"
--> can you FEEL the resistance here? This feeling-place is actually one of lack. There's nothing wrong or bad about it, but it's important to just notice it!

What if, instead, we reached for thoughts that felt a little bit better?
"I can feel my passion coming to life"
"I know that I'm energetically moving towards my desire"
"There may be some fear, but I know that my desire is a strong one, and I listen as the Universe guides me in that direction"

Can you FEEL how different the first statement feels compared to the rest?
When we are energetically aligning to our desire (rather than a lack of that desire), we're allowing it into our reality.

It ALL starts with a thought. So what is a thought that you're having, and what are you shifting it to? Email me back and I'll see if I can add some good-feeling thoughts to yours 🙂

It's just a thought away!

Happy Wednesday!!

Much love,