The Importance of Getting Grounded


Balance is something a LOT of people are looking for nowadays. I know this is something I personally struggled with for most of my adult life.


It seemed that anytime I got a burst of ENERGY, I wanted to USE IT immediately! I would channel it into creating content, learning how to do MORE (learning instruments, baking cakes, all of that), but then I would get burnt out very quickly. I would feel so incredibly restless- I had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited about all of this energy and new ideas- and I shrugged it off as a good thing that was happening.

I tried SO hard to grip onto the momentum I gained from having energy- and then soon enough- lose all of that energy, just to be right back at square 1, where I was tired and not wanting to do anything.

Can you relate to this rollercoaster of NOT being balanced? I hope I'm not the only one haha.


What I've learnt over the years is that it is absolutely IMPERATIVE for us to get grounded. So that we can continue to move forward towards our vision, but not get burnt out.

I love to use affirmations to ground myself (I have a free Grounded & Uplifted Affirmations track that you can check out), and deep breathing. Honestly, just the AWARENESS is enough for us to remember to breathe deeply and reaffirm that we are GROUNDED in our power.

Other great ways to ground ourselves are:

-getting out into nature, surrounded by trees and fresh air

-standing with our bare feet in the grass, soil, sand

-connecting to natural elements - like crystals, rocks, branches, leaves

-even if you can't get out into nature - affirmations, visualizations and grounding meditations are greatly impactful.

Running off of adrenaline and frenetic energy is one way to do it- but in my experience, it only leads to burnout. Let us move forward in a way that is centred and rooted, so that our energy never runs out. TRUST that the energy needed for your visions to come to life will always find you, and SUPPORT your body in this lifestyle.

How do you ground yourself?

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