Trying a little too hard?

Sometimes we feel the need to control the outcome of events in our lives, as well as other people's experiences.

A really common pattern that we have as humans is control.

Control is one of those patterns that takes some time to break. Control over our health, control over our relationships and family, control over our careers.

You can probably think of one thing in your life right NOW that you're trying to control. What is that one thing? And what is the "payoff" that you're getting by trying to control it?

I believe that our spirit creates our reality. That our internal world creates everything out "there". Everything out there is a reflection of everything in here.

And when we're spending our energy on controlling situations, we are creating a tightness in our chest. We're creating a pit in our stomach. We're creating a CONDITIONAL existence. A life that is only "okay" if things turn out exactly how we want them to.

But what if our energy is what creates our reality?
What if our simple awareness of life "out there", life "in here", and how that relates, SHOWS us "how" our reality is truly created?

Have you ever noticed that maybe when you felt super miserable, you ended up dating someone who also felt super miserable? Or that when you felt super free, loving, and flow-y, that you ended up getting an amazing boss??

What is something that you're trying SO hard to control out there? And are you willing to soften, and to allow your spirit to guide you?

It really CAN be that simple.
And it really CAN be that fun! 🙂

Much love,