Did you forget who you REALLY are?

If you are feeling anything other than ease, joy, and love, it's for one reason:
You've forgotten who you really are.

The same force that allows flowers to bloom, is the force that created YOU...the REALITY of you.

The cells in our body work efficiently, with ease, and are "working" intelligently. They don't have to "figure out" what to do next...they just know.

Who you are is that force, individualized. You are an individual expression of the universe.

"Inside us is a god or goddess in embryo that wants to be born so that we can express our divinity" -Deepak Chopra

Can you move through this week with the knowing that you are created from the same source as beautiful florals? The same source as your favourite food? Your favourite scent? The same source as your favourite person?

And can you allow yourself the gift of nurturing the "god/goddess" in you?

Much love,