Stress & Anxiety Healing Workshop - May 24th @ 5:30pm PST

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Muted White Black and Beige Minimalist Elegant Company Culture Book Presentation

Depression & Anxiety Healing

4 Week Online Course! Click here for more info & to enroll.

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No new workshops at the moment!

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What have participants said about Raman's workshops?

"Raman Hari is a very attentive, compassionate and intuitive teacher who guides you to expand your consciousness. She provides a safe and friendly environment without any judgement. This wonderful workshop helped me accelerate my learning and make a massive shift in my consciousness. With all the useful and effective tips and tools provided, a gradual but deep transformation in myself took place every week. I really enjoyed Raman's workshop and was able to learn more about myself. I know you will love it and greatly benefit from it." -Yah Ju L.

"It helps reveal more of your true self and feels like a warm hug for yourself" -Marlisa H.

"I learned so much about myself and how to change/heal my thought process!" -Crystal U.

"Raman is bomb! Honestly your energy brought a whole new light for me. You made it not feel so heavy" -Dana G.