Depression & Anxiety Healing

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South Asian Sisters Empowerment & Group Coaching Program - TICKETS NOW CLOSED

Ever since I got into this work, I’ve noticed very specific patterns in South Asian women- including myself. To be honest, I ran away from my culture & roots for most of my life (thinking it was terrible and not for me lol). But after healing & really feeling into my own empowerment, all I want to do is empower my fellow beauties. It makes me emotional to think about how INCREDIBLY STRONG we are, despite the specific patterns & traumas we face. And it’s time to feel that inner strength. That community. And know that you are so incredibly AMAZING. Ahh. Okay. Anyway here’s my offering haha.

4 week empowerment program & group coaching - Online (Zoom)

5:30pm PST (1 hour) on Tuesday's: July 6, 13, 20, 27

-get your questions answered live

-be held in a supportive & sacred container - only 4 spots are available

-it’s going to be FUN, interactive, and DEEP

-really dive deep into subconscious & cultural patterns that keep us stuck and SHIFT them

-shift your worry, anxiety, shame, & depression

-feel EMPOWERED in your own intuition, spirit & amazingness😊

-embody the essence of love, connection and inner peace

-and do it all in a beautiful group of 4 other women 💜

$99 CAD for all 4 weeks

What & how are we shifting & healing?

-we're shifting ancestral & intergenerational traumas, cultural beliefs, patterns that make you feel stuck

-we're healing through compassion, understanding, inner child & shadow work and forgiveness - this work is NOT surface level, we'll be diving deep & healing the root cause!

I look SO forward to meeting you & connecting with the powerful group energy!! -Raman

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What have participants said about Raman's workshops?

"Raman Hari is a very attentive, compassionate and intuitive teacher who guides you to expand your consciousness. She provides a safe and friendly environment without any judgement. This wonderful workshop helped me accelerate my learning and make a massive shift in my consciousness. With all the useful and effective tips and tools provided, a gradual but deep transformation in myself took place every week. I really enjoyed Raman's workshop and was able to learn more about myself. I know you will love it and greatly benefit from it." -Yah Ju L.

"It helps reveal more of your true self and feels like a warm hug for yourself" -Marlisa H.

"I learned so much about myself and how to change/heal my thought process!" -Crystal U.

"Raman is bomb! Honestly your energy brought a whole new light for me. You made it not feel so heavy" -Dana G.