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From Anxiety/Stress to INTUITIVE EASE Workshop ($15)

A powerful 1 hour workshop! Click here for more info and to purchase.

In this powerful & transformative 1 hour recording of a live workshop, I share the tools and teachings that have helped my clients the most in regards to anxiety/stress. Learn practical processes and experience the SHIFT into an intuitive state of ease.

Depression & Anxiety Healing Series ($199 CAD)

4 Week Online Course! Click here for more info & to enroll.

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Previous Workshops...

2 Part Masterclass series:

LIVE Your Potential Masterclass (Free) - August 9, 2022

Moving Forward with Ease: A Masterclass on Momentum (Free) - September 13, 2022

Raman will be talking through the "hows" of creating your most soul-led, aligned reality and really LIVING it. Learn the 4 Pillars of Peace, which are absolutely paramount in shifting and aligning your energy so you can move forward. Join online through zoom at 12pm pst!

Thank you to everyone who joined these FUN masterclasses!

10 Day Self Love & Empowerment Challenge (Free)

Starts October 3rd, 2021. NOW CLOSED. Thank you to those who participated! The 10 days was SO fun, and it was magical to witness your transformation. I plan on bringing this challenge back in the future, so make sure to Sign Up to the email list to be notified for future workshops.

South Asian Sisters Empowerment & Group Coaching Program - TICKETS NOW CLOSED

Ever since I got into this work, I’ve noticed very specific patterns in South Asian women- including myself. To be honest, I ran away from my culture & roots for most of my life (thinking it was terrible and not for me lol). But after healing & really feeling into my own empowerment, all I want to do is empower my fellow beauties. It makes me emotional to think about how INCREDIBLY STRONG we are, despite the specific patterns & traumas we face. And it’s time to feel that inner strength. That community. And know that you are so incredibly AMAZING. Ahh. Okay. Anyway here’s my offering haha.

4 week empowerment program & group coaching - Online (Zoom)

5:30pm PST (1 hour) on Tuesday's: July 6, 13, 20, 27

-get your questions answered live

-be held in a supportive & sacred container - only 4 spots are available

-it’s going to be FUN, interactive, and DEEP

-really dive deep into subconscious & cultural patterns that keep us stuck and SHIFT them

-shift your worry, anxiety, shame, & depression

-feel EMPOWERED in your own intuition, spirit & amazingness😊

-embody the essence of love, connection and inner peace

-and do it all in a beautiful group of 4 other women 💜

What & how are we shifting & healing?

-we're shifting ancestral & intergenerational traumas, cultural beliefs, patterns that make you feel stuck

-we're healing through compassion, understanding, inner child & shadow work and forgiveness - this work is NOT surface level, we'll be diving deep & healing the root cause!

I look SO forward to meeting you & connecting with the powerful group energy!! -Raman

Secure your spot by getting your ticket here & Raman will send you an email to welcome you to the program:


What have participants said about Raman's workshops?

"Raman Hari is a very attentive, compassionate and intuitive teacher who guides you to expand your consciousness. She provides a safe and friendly environment without any judgement. This wonderful workshop helped me accelerate my learning and make a massive shift in my consciousness. With all the useful and effective tips and tools provided, a gradual but deep transformation in myself took place every week. I really enjoyed Raman's workshop and was able to learn more about myself. I know you will love it and greatly benefit from it." -Yah Ju L.

"It helps reveal more of your true self and feels like a warm hug for yourself" -Marlisa H.

"I learned so much about myself and how to change/heal my thought process!" -Crystal U.

"Raman is bomb! Honestly your energy brought a whole new light for me. You made it not feel so heavy" -Dana G.