1:1 High Impact Coaching

Are you wanting to make an effective impact in the world, without the burn out & anxiety of it all?

High Impact Coaching is for those who:

Want to make a BIG difference in the world in a balanced way

Want to stay TRUE and AUTHENTIC in your expression

Want deep connection, joy & fulfillment in all areas of your life


Coaching for entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, leaders, creatives, high achievers, charity starters (or aspiring impact makers).

How High Impact Coaching Works...

Love, Passion & Intuition

Let your LOVE & PASSION guide you. Your intuition is the cause. Impact is the effect. The answers, the next steps, the Love & purpose are within you - I just guide you there.

Receive Clarity & Courage

Know yourself. Know your vision. Get CLEAR on what you're here to do and why. Without clarity, our mind is scattered and afraid.

Heal Your Patterns + Feel JOY

Did you know that most of our core beliefs develop before the age of 7? Shed & shift anxiety, fatigue, chronic worry, & abundance blocks (money/time/energy) so you can MOVE forward.

Magnetize Your Success

Magnetize abundance, success, and ease in your business. Create your unique & conscious business through Universal Laws and awareness of your energy patterns. Learn to keep your energy open & clear, as it massively impacts your business!

Kind Words from Clients

Working 1-on-1 with Raman has been beyond transformational so far. She is extremely intuitive, and her ability to pick up immediately on what I'm feeling/thinking and what I need to look at is incredible. She is also an extremely talented healer, being able to hold impeccable space for you to dive into your shadows and heal the emotional wounds holding you back from mind body spirit balance and wholeness. I promise you, that you will be extremely glad you decided to work with her.

-Joshua Wilson, New York

Kind Words from Clients

Intuitive Coaching with Raman has entirely transformed me! After years of therapy, spiritual self help books, courses, etc., all the work I had put into myself has finally started to click for the first time ever.

I came to Raman because I was feeling like my life was at a standstill. Through my weekly sessions with Raman she was able to help me get to the core root of past traumas, insecurities and false narratives that prevented me from moving forward in my life.
I had always thought I had the proper coping tools however through Raman's spiritual healing she has helped me go beyond the surface and really dig deep. Since I began my time with her, I have noticed major shifts in my happiness, inner peace and self confidence. The best part is I have manifested some amazing opportunities and experiences.
I feel very blessed that Raman has entered my life and look forward to continuing to do the work with her - simply put, she's amazing!

-Steph, New York

Kind Words from Clients

I've been seeing Raman for about 3 months and feeling that I'm coming to have a much more peaceful disposition. I have excitement in my life as I open into a much more trusting, less anxious person, and feel that I'm trusting more in our divine nature, and I sense it. I'm so grateful for Raman for helping me come to grow in awareness that we can all have access to this and that it never leaves us. We have nothing to fear when we trust in this. Raman is extremely intuitive and has a gift to know where our real issues lie. Thanks Raman, I'm grateful for our sessions!

-Ron, BC, Canada

Kind Words from Clients

I met Raman by responding to a Facebook post.  I can be a shy person but something about her presence Invited me to contact her.   I’m so grateful that I did. Raman drew me into a world I knew I had access to but didn’t use for myself.
She helped me question my perceptions around abundance, money and my own budding business. Since meeting her my fears around abundance have almost completely disappeared and I am finally moving forward with my life. Raman has an innate ability to truly see people.  She listened to every word I said and most importantly to the words I didn’t say. Thank you Raman…  I am truly blessed and grateful to have met you and to have you in my life.
-Susan M, Mississauga, ON

Kind Words from Clients

What a beautiful Presence Raman is! I’ve been receiving weekly coaching from Raman for about a month now. Raman’s presence feels like a vibrant ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Her innate ability to unconditionally love with compassion truly touches me. Another thing I noticed from Raman’s sessions is that I find myself trusting more in the Guidance coming through her with each coaching experience. The hour I spend with Raman today was life changing, not only she confirmed the intuitive hits I had received, she also held amazing space for a part of me to crack open. I felt so safe and at ease to be vulnerable. Thanks Raman! You’re the best!!


Frances, Vancouver BC

Kind Words from Clients

My reiki and quantum healing session with Raman was fantastic! The guided messages she gave me were very accurate. She was able to help me release emotional blocks helping me to move forward in relationships. I highly recommend Raman for her healing and transformational coaching work!

Annett Schneider, Transformation Coach, Quantum Healing

Kind Words from Clients

Raman Hari is a very attentive, compassionate and intuitive teacher who guides you to expand your consciousness. She provides a safe and friendly environment without any judgement. This wonderful workshop helped me accelerate my learning and make a massive shift in my consciousness. With all the useful and effective tips and tools provided, a gradual but deep transformation in myself took place every week. I really enjoyed Raman's workshop and was able to learn more about myself. I know you will love it and greatly benefit from it.

-Yah Ju L.

Kind Words from Clients

I took the five sessions 1-on-1 intuitive coaching plan with Raman. I found this plan very suitable for my busy schedule because the time-frame between sessions was up to me. I started my spiritual path a long time ago reading books, attending seminars, conferences, meditations groups, and so on but never had the experience of taking a spiritual coaching session. I enjoyed this experience with Raman; She is very enthusiastic, attentive, and patient. She radiates a peaceful and positive energy every time you talk to her. Working with her caused wonderful synchronicities with other new spiritual projects I had started a few weeks before contacting her. The information, guidance, and recommendations she provided helped me to fill some spaces in my spiritual life that I had not noticed before. I recommend her 300%!.

Jose  N.,  Calgary, AB.

Kind Words from Clients

Raman was an incredible coach, she was very patient with me and my growth and gave me processes and accountability that really helped my healing and growth process. I feel more equipped and in a better mental state after 2 months of coaching than before. I also am grateful for how kind and compassionate she was. She helped me go really deep within myself and my healing process.


Kind Words from Clients

Working with Raman has been such a gift. She has helped me become more intuitive in all areas of my life. Before our work I was struggling to find my flow with work and my business, always outsourcing my decisions to people I thought knew better. It was so empowering to start trusting my own instinct and work through the blocks to trusting my intuition.

Work has become so much more juicy and rewarding doing it from a place of true authenticity and letting go of all the “rules”.

I’m so grateful to have such an intuitive and supportive coach through the ups and downs of entrepreneur life!

-Natalie, New York

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Are you ready to make an impact & live joyfully?

I'll leave you with this quote.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

-Jane Goodall

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